Monday, 10 January 2022

Let’s Talk About The Real Reason “Eyebrows Pelosi” Only Wants To Talk About COVID [VIDEO]

 First of all, lets’ address the elephant in the room…

Whoever drew Nancy’s eyebrows on the middle of her forehead needs to be fired.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about why; when Speaker Pelosi was asked if Democrats have any plans to ask working Americans to put forth even more of their hard-earned dollars to address COVID, she was only able to only talk about tests, masks, vaccines and a new term “spacial distancing.”

Watch Face the Nation host Margaret Brennan ask Nancy Pelosi about asking for more than the $6 trillion they’ve already bilked from the American taxpayer in their upcoming spending bill:

Americans should know that as long as they’re in the majority, Democrats will never stop using the COVID pandemic as an excuse to extort more money from them.

It’s all about using fear to achieve their goals

If Democrat leadership can keep Americans paralyzed with fear over the Wuhan virus, they will not only drain our bank accounts dry but will also be able to use fear of COVID as a tool to pass their horrific HR1 (vote cheating) bill. The HR1 “voting rights” bill is designed to make the fraudulent practice of absentee mail-in-voting permanent, essentially ensuring America will never again have free or fair elections. The key to passing their corrupt “voting rights” bill that strips states of their ability to create and enforce their voter laws is to convince the American public that voting in person creates a serious health risk. So far, COVID has been the perfect excuse.

As top doctors around the world express hope that the weakened, but highly contagious Omicron variant infecting both the vaccinated and unvaccinated, could bring the pandemic to the endemic stage, Democrats are putting the pedal to the metal on the corrupt universal mail-in voting HR1 bill.

Democrats know this is their last chance before the 2022 mid-term elections to scare Americans into staying home. The reality is, Nancy’s goal isn’t to take more of our money, at least not right now—she just wants to keep you frightened into accepting the Democrat’s voter cheating bill. The money grab comes later—once the Democrats use their “voting rights” bill to ensure they maintain a majority in the House and Senate again.

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