Tuesday 25 January 2022

JUST IN: Supreme Court Declines GOP Leader McCarthy’s Challenge to Pelosi’s Unconstitutional Proxy Voting Scheme


The US Supreme Court on Monday declined to hear GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s challenge to Speaker Pelosi’s unconstitutional proxy voting scheme.

The Supreme Court did not provide a reason for rejecting McCarthy’s appeal.

In September, McCarthy asked the US Supreme Court to overturn Speaker Pelosi’s House proxy voting scheme.

Pelosi unilaterally extended her proxy voting scheme several times last year.

This is pure lawlessness and unprecedented corruption.

Pelosi used Covid to shred the Constitution.

A corrupt federal judge previously struck down McCarthy’s lawsuit so he took his complaint to the highest court of the land.

“Although the Constitution allows Congress to write its own rules, those rules cannot violate the Constitution itself, including the requirement to actually assemble in person. Since its adoption 14 months ago, proxy voting has shattered 231 years of legislative precedent and shielded the majority from substantive policy debates and questions, effectively silencing the voices of millions of Americans,” McCarthy wrote to the Supreme Court justices.

Recall, May 27, 2020 the House held its first ‘proxy vote’ since Congress first met in 1789 and GOP leader Kevin McCarthy sued to stop the constitutional abomination.

71 Democrats voted ‘by proxy’ in its first vote since adoption of its party-line rule.

In 2020, ONE Democrat in Maryland voted SEVEN TIMES on legislation in Congress in districts he didn’t even represent.

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