Tuesday 4 January 2022

IRAN DEAL UPDATE: Biden/Obama’s Efforts to Give Iran Everything to Sign a Deal Are Failing as Iran Demands More


Archive White House photo of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, by Pete Souza

Obama stated that Iran can and should be a world power. 

Obama gave Iran a deal that President Trump claimed was the worst deal in world history.  After a short period of time, President Trump had Iran where it should be – with massive economic consequences for moving forward with its terrorist actions and the creation of an atom bomb.  As a result, the Middle East had one of its most peaceful times in history.

But Obama and Biden wouldn’t have it.  So after they stole the 2020 Election, Obama and Biden moved forward with their insane visions of another horrible deal with Iran after President Trump shut down the last one.

Now even the Spectator says the Biden/Obama deal with Iran is a mess.

Diplomatic sources have described Robert Malley, the US Special Representative for Iran, who is leading the negotiations in Vienna, as ‘the most dovish official we’ve ever seen’. In fact, the former head of the International Crisis Group – a think-tank devoted to dispute resolution, the very embodiment of the doctrine of softness – has bent over backwards so far that, as one official put it, he now speaks to Tehran from between his legs.

The talks began with a spectacular American misstep. As soon as the starting-gun was fired, US negotiators amazed international partners by tabling a proposal that was so generous that the Iranians had to rub their eyes to believe it. In the minds of the Americans, this was a take-it-or-leave-it offer, straight out of the box. But it did not come across that way to Tehran.

Once the Iranians had caught their breath and climbed back onto their chairs, they set about demanding further concessions, in the belief that this was only the US opening position. The Americans continued to insist that this was a one-time offer – but crucially failed to back this up by walking away from the table or putting forward punishing consequences. So the Iranians kept on demanding. This resulted in what can only be described by the Hebrew term balagan, as any real sense of pressure and jeopardy dissolved…

…As the impasse dragged on month after month, and the Iranians continued to strengthen their position by delaying things further while enriching uranium to higher levels, the mood among western diplomats became fractious. Officials could almost hear the Iranians rubbing their hands.

What a mess Obama and Biden are.  One big mess.

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