Saturday 22 January 2022

Introducing Liberty Centric Social Media Plaform by Jake Lang – Check it Out! (VIDEO)

 Jake Lang is a 26-yearold entrepreneur from New York and founder of the NEW free speech social media platform

Jake Lang told The Gateway Pundit his free speech platform Liberty Centric was ready to go live in 2021.  Then he was arrested in the January 6 protest and riot.

On January 6, 2021, Jake Lang rescued Philip Anderson on the steps of the US Capitol.  Jake crawled to safety and then went back and saved Philip’s life.  He then fought back against the police officers who many believe killed Rosanne Boyland and nearly killed Philip Anderson.  Now the Biden regime wants to offer him a 9-year plea deal for his actions that day.

Jake is being held in the DC Gulag – an American without any rights under this corrupt regime.

But he has not let that slow him down.  Jake Lang launched Liberty Centric last year.  It is an easy-to-use Facebook-type alternative.  And you won’t get a fake fact-check by some leftist group when you post there.

If Gettr is the Twitter killer, Liberty Centric is the Facebook killer!

Liberty Centric has all the latest features such as stories, group chats, business pages, business advertising panel and verified blue check mark accounts. Prominent users Gateway Pundit, Alex Newman, Morgan Ariel, Johnny Tobacco, and Wayne Allyn Root!

Here is the introductory video.

Liberty Centric is a simple and easy platform to operate. It’s visually appealing. And they don’t use fake “fact-checkers” to crack down on conservative Americans.

Jake Lang may be held inside the DC Gulag but that has not stopped him from launching his platform.

Check out the platform.  We like it and hope you do, too!


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