Sunday 23 January 2022

Here We Go… New York Governor Hochul Signs Bill to Allow Mail-in Voting in 2022 Election — It Will Help Her Reelection

Late-night dropbox action in Georgia.

It’s January and Democrats are desperate. Even New York Democrats are worried.

They know they don’t have a chance without stuffing the ballot boxes and ballot harvesting by their paid operatives. They need the votes.

On Friday New York Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation to push mail-in voting in the Empire State for the 2022 elections.

6News reported:

Governor Kathy Hochul signed legislation that will allow voting by absentee ballot due to the COVID-19 pandemic through 2022.

This legislation continues from a law put into place in July 2020, to allow New Yorkers to request an absentee ballot during the pandemic where there is a risk of contracting or spreading disease that may cause illness to the voter or other members of the public. The intial law expired on December 31, 2021.

No one should have to choose between exercising their right to vote and protecting their health and safety,” Governor Hochul said. “This legislation will ensure the pandemic does not create inaccessibility for voters during upcoming elections and help protect New Yorkers’ access to the ballot.

Absentee ballot applications for the February 15th special elections in the 60th and 72nd assembly districts are open through January 31st by mail, until February 14th in-person and can be submitted by mail or in-person until February 15th. More information on absentee voting and how to apply for an absentee ballot is available here.

So who’s next? Wisconsin, Pennsylvania or Michigan? You know it’s coming.
These people have no regard for the law or for the future of this country.

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