Sunday 16 January 2022

Fighting Back: Restaurant Releases Video Of Dem Senator Violating Dem-Imposed Mask Mandate


Democrat Senator Kirsten Gillibrand was caught walking maskless through a restaurant in New York.

This is despite New York’s mask mandate for restaurants. 

The video was released by the restaurant, Innovo Kitchen.


The restaurant blasted her in an Instagram post saying this was “the problem with NY politics in a nut shell.”

They said Gillibrand walked right past a giant sign that read “masks required to enter.” 

She walked right past the manager before she could have even been asked to put on a mask.

They pointed out Gillibrand must think she is “above the rules.”


Democrats have been caught on multiple occasions breaking the rules they themselves support for the American people.

Pelosi was caught getting her hair done at a San Francisco salon despite local ordinances keeping salons closed back in 2020. 

California Governor Gavin Newsom broke his own lockdown rules to attend a birthday party for one of his political advisors:  

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