Saturday 22 January 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Woke ASU ‘Pandemic Horror’ Professor Dr. Michael Stancliff Calls Trump Racist For Saying COVID-19 Escaped From Chinese Lab – “There Is NO PROOF Of This, Of Course”


An anonymous Arizona State University student recorded the professor of his pandemic horror class, Dr. Michael Stancliff, indoctrinating students about COVID-19 and saying that President Trump “unleashed racism” when describing the virus.

Dr. Stancliff also claimed there is no proof that the virus was “carelessly or intentionally deployed by the Chinese government.”

Newly released military documents from Project Veritas show that COVID-19 was, in fact, manufactured using gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

ASU is the same college where anti-white students went viral for harassing white male students in the “multicultural center.” The same students organized a protest against Kyle Rittenhouse attending ASU, where protesters held “Death to America” signs and demanded ASU bar Rittenhouse from attendance.

“This is the kinda crap I gotta deal with at ASU,” said the anonymous student.

Professor: How does that figural language convey or communicate social judgment and bias? Consider, for example, a story that has caught on, depicting COVID-19 as a biological weapon, either carelessly or intentionally deployed by the Chinese government. There’s no proof of this, of course, but it seems to make intuitive sense to some people. No doubt, depending on prejudices they already hold. Consider reading the article we provided about the kind of racism unleashed by the language used by the Trump administration to describe the virus. Sontag’s thinking about the social imagination of illness.

The Gateway Pundit reached out and asked the student what the class was actually for.

Student: I was taking a class called “Horror: Films and Short Stories” at ASU. It’s a fun English elective that I thought would be interesting. It’s ENG: 324. When I got into the class, I thought I would be learning about and reading some regular horror, but it turns out that the whole class is now what they call “pandemic horror.” There are two professors teaching it, and there’s a male professor who sent out the presentation that you saw. He’s explaining how pandemics sometimes include racism and how the history of monsters includes racism sometimes. He went on to include that the COVID-19 outbreak made society look at this pandemic as an “Us vs. Them” type of scenario. And in the video, he said that people who think the Chinese released the pandemic from a lab hold prejudices against the Chinese. He then said that Trump is basically racist for sparking this type of talk

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