Friday 28 January 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Oklahoma GOP Chair Sends President Trump Letter Encouraging Him Not to Endorse Senator Lankford for Reelection


The GOP Chairman in Oklahoma believes his state can do much better.  He recently sent a letter to President Trump encouraging him not to support Senator Lankford in this year’s primary.

We obtained a letter from Oklahoma GOP Chairman John Bennett to President Trump where Bennett recommends that the President not back US Senator James Lankford in the upcoming state primaries.

In the letter, Bennett writes that in his capacity as the GOP Chair, he encourages the President to not back Senator James Lankford in the upcoming primaries.

Bennett notes that Lankford changed his mind at the last minute on January 6th and voted for the certification of Joe Biden.  He also was open to another fake impeachment of President Trump.

At a later date, “Senator Lankford apologized to Black Lives Matter in Tulsa, saying that his brief questioning of the election results was ‘racist.”

Chairman Bennett believes that without President Trump’s endorsement, Senator Lankford will be defeated.

Below is the letter from Chairman Bennett.

Oklahoma GOP Chair Letter to Trump Re Sen Lankford2 by Jim Hoft on Scribd

 Oklahoma deserves a pro-American Senator who will fight for the American people and support free, fair and legitimate elections. 

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