Wednesday 26 January 2022

EXCLUSIVE: More on the Government-Sponsored ‘Patriot Front’ Showing More Government Ties


We first saw this group in Khakis and blue jackets in Washington D.C. this past fall.  Since then they have shown up in Chicago and at the March for Life Rally in D.C. 

Today we have more on the Patriot Front which looks like just another Deep State government-supported group.  

After looking at the individuals who attended the Patriot Front in Chicago we were able to determine that this group was government-sponsored.  It was not some ad hoc group that came out of nowhere.  We released the following piece where we shared our observations.

One of our observations was that this group is more fit than groups like the KKK.  This upset the Patriot Front members and we know this from items we located that they shared with each other after our article was released.

We released a report yesterday on the Patriot Front with more information on its government ties.  We identified the young founder of the group who happened to be in Charlottesville as well.

We have now identified other individuals in the Patriot Front.  One member by the name of James Julius Johnson, aka Tyler WA, appears to be the subject matter expert on weapons and the fitness coordinator for the group.  This group has no patience for the overweight.

Another member we identified, Richard Flannery, was located in some sort of Patriot Front marching exercise.  He appears to be from Oregon.

Another individual, Ian Elliott, is trained in martial arts and seems to be some sort of defense trainer for the group.  He also was identified marching in the front of this group carrying a Captain America type shield.

Below is a composite with some of the pictures noted above and more.

It’s a shame the US government doesn’t take the time to arrest and indict bad guys and instead infiltrates and backs groups it can use to set up Americans with crimes.  

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