Monday 10 January 2022

EXCLUSIVE: The First Jan 6 Insurrection Began with Obama and Comey Setting Up President-Elect Trump that Night in 2017


The propaganda media for the Deep State Democrats is attempting to make Jan 6 a national day of remembrance due to the suspicious events surrounding the Capital riot of 2021. 

But the real Jan 6 insurrection was planned out by the Obama gang and was put into motion on Jan 6, 2017, when fired and disgraced FBI Director James Comey met with President Trump.

We know that Obama and a group of his top advisors met in the White House on January 5th, 2017.  We know this because Susan Rice memorialized this meeting in a bizarre personal email to herself discussing this meeting on the day of President Trump’s Inauguration.

Rice later wrote (as noted below) that the discussions on General Michael Flynn’s call to his Russian counterpart and discussions of the Trump – Russia collusion topic were all “done by the book.”

Biden was in this meeting as well even though he later denied it.


We don’t know what further meetings and subjects Comey had with Obama but we do know that this meeting occurred only a day before President Trump was to be certified the winner of the 2016 Election by Congress on January 6th, 2017.

We also know that on the night of Jan 6, 2017, FBI Director James Comey met with President Trump to give him an intel update and then asked to speak to the President individually and Comey shared in his own written notes that he “then executed the session exactly as I had planned.”  Comey also noted that he told President Trump about the pee-pee claim from the bogus dossier that was proven to be completely fabricated later and obviously known at that time it was bogus.  (Of course, only Comey and President Trump know how accurate Comey’s notes are coming out of this meeting.  We do know that Comey became part of any investigation at that moment and he never told President Trump about his maniacle actions surrounding that meeting.)

We also know that Comey and Obama knew that General Flynn wasn’t lying when Flynn was interviewed about his discussion with his Russian counterpart in the days leading up to President Trump’s Inauguration.

This was one topic Susan Rice reported that was discussed at the Jan 5, 2017 meeting in Obama’s White House.

Then on January 20, 2017, only hours before the Trump Inauguration, Susan Rice wrote a letter stating that the Obama team did everything by the book in the meeting held on January 5th, only a few weeks earlier.

As we look back, we now wonder if the real insurrection of the union was discussed and certified on January 5th, 2017, and put into action with Comey’s meeting with President-elect Trump on Jan 6, 2017?   It appears that it was.  Perhaps the Obama gang waited to see if they could take away Trump’s victory in the 2016 Election on that day and if not, ignite the Russia collusion garbage narrative on Jan 6, 2017?

We do know that the Russia collusion lie was the beginning of a rolling coup for four years to remove duly-elected President Trump from office.  It culminated in the stolen election on November 3rd, 2020, and is still ongoing with the garbage Jan 6 fairy tale the media and the corrupt Democrats are now parroting.  

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