Sunday 30 January 2022

“Completely Illegal” – AG Ken Paxton Describes Biden Regime’s Policy to Fly Family Members to US on Taxpayer Dime to Join Illegal Aliens in Country (VIDEO)

 Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Saturday morning.

During their discussion, Paxton described how the lawless Biden regime’s “Central American Minors Program.”

The regime is settling illegal economic refugees from Central America who claim asylum in the interior of the US.  Then after these illegals claim asylum the Biden regime is flying their kids in to join them on the taxpayer dime!

This is completely unconstitutional.

AG Ken Paxton:  It’s called the Central American Minors Program.  And what the Biden administration is doing is people from certain countries, whether it’s El Salvador, Honduras or Guatemala, when they get in here and claim asylum  they can immediately have their kids flown in with taxpayer dollars to the United States to join them.  This is completely illegal, nothing has been put in place by Congress to allow this.  And yet, the Biden administration has been doing this.

Paxton went on to describe how the Biden regime is breaking the law with this and several other programs.

Ken Paxton: They’re supposed to be deported immediately but they’re not. They’re not following court orders. They’re not following federal law. What they are doing is they’re then allowing those people to invite their kids and potentially some of their other caregivers to the United States on taxpayer money. we fly them up here and then we release them into the country… None of this is permitted by law. This is completely made up by the Biden administration and completely illegal.

Via The War Room.

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