Wednesday 26 January 2022

BREAKING VIDEO: Fox News Uncovers Staging Area With Windows Covered In Black Tarps Where Mostly Male Illegal Migrants Are Shipped From TX Border Town, Moved Into Taxis, and Taken To Airport to Be Flown Across America


Fox News has uncovered what many Americans would consider a taxpayer-funded, secret government human trafficking operation.

Windows in a non-descript building are covered in black tarps—federally-funded busloads of primarily single, male, illegal immigrants are being dropped off, processed, and sent out in City Taxis to local airports where they are flown to various destinations across America. The media is forbidden from getting too close or from coming inside the building with windows covered in black tarps.

Are we still living in America? 

Only moments ago, Fox News host Bill Hemmer shared a shocking report by Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin about a parking garage in Texas that the federal government is using in what appears to be a covert operation to ship an untold number of mostly single, male illegal immigrants across America. The migrants admitted to Fox News correspondent Bill Megulin that they’d paid coyotes $2,000 each to get across the border.

Hemmer began his report by explaining that 178,840 illegal immigrants have crossed our southern border in the month of December. “That number is higher for December 2021 than the three previous years for the month of December—combined!”

Fox News reports- Fox witnessed men go into a small, unmarked office, then re-emerge moments later as multiple taxi cabs showed up to collect the migrants — who were then shuttled off to nearby Harlingen Airport. There were no children or migrant families among the groups.

Several of the migrants told Fox that they had crossed illegally that morning, paying approximately $2,000 per person to cartel smugglers. They also said they were flying to destinations including Miami, Houston, and Atlanta.

Single adults are typically being expelled via Trump-era Title 42 public health protections. The Biden administration kept Title 42 in place but is not applying it to unaccompanied children or most migrant families. However, single adults have long been the easiest category of migrant to deport.

In a statement to Fox News, the city of Brownsville said its Office of Emergency Management, through federal assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), works to facilitate “the transfer of these migrants to their final destination by allowing them to use services to contact their families, NGOs, or a taxicab.”


Why in the world is our government quietly shipping busloads of mostly male illegal immigrants to a non-descript facility where the windows are covered in black tarps and then sending them out in City Taxis to a local airport where they’re being flown across America?

How does this TAXPAYER-FUNDED covert operation benefit American Citizens?

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