Thursday 27 January 2022

Biden’s Deputy National Security Adviser Says Americans Should Care About Ukraine Because ‘Borders Should be Inviolate” — As Record 518,360 Illegals Invade US Border in First Fiscal Quarter of Year


178,840 illegals were apprehended at the US border in December — a new record.
In the first quarter of this fiscal year a record 518,360 illegals have been apprehended at the US southern border with Mexico — also a new record.

The US southern border under Joe Biden is WIDE OPEN and the world knows it. The US has no borders, is no longer a sovereign nation. And taxpayers are expected to continue to provide the millions of illegals flooding across the border with food, shelter, education, cash and free flights.

But for some reason, the Biden Regime demands that Ukraine retain its sovereign border with Russia.
You just can’t make this up.

Democrats are deceitful, delusional, and dangerous.

Joe Biden’s Deputy National Security Advisor Jonathan Finer went on with CNN on Tuesday and explained how Americans need to care about Ukraine because “borders should be inviolate …sovereignty should be respected.”

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