Thursday 2 December 2021

Seattle Recall Ballot of Marxist City Councilmember States: “Vote “NO” on the Rightwing Recall – Part of the Racist Rightwing Backlash”


Committed Marxist and Seattle Councilwoman Kshama Sawant used her key to break into the Seattle City Hall in 2020 and hold an unlawful protest with hundreds of Black Lives Matter protesters.

Sawant called for an insurrection and urged protesters to shut down President Trump’s inauguration in 2016 — and was never charged for her it.

There is currently a recall election for this America-hating radical, Kshama Sawant, scheduled for December 7th in Seattle.

Tonight we heard from local election integrity activist in Seattle on how the Socialists are rigging the election.

I’ve attached a picture of a recall ballot on a Seattle City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant who is a self-declared socialist/Marxist and advocate/supporter of Antifa and BLM. In fact, she declared herself as a leader in the “Peaceful Protests” here in Seattle that destroyed $millions in government property and local businesses.
What is so hideous about this recall ballot is that it states “Vote “NO” on the right-wing recall.” It says she is being attacked for participating in peaceful BLM protests and that it is a racist, right-wing backlash attempting to criminalize protests nationally.
It also states “The recall is bankrolled by the corporate elite and 500+ Republicans including Trump’s biggest Washington donor, George Petrie.” And “Will you vote NO and stand with Kshama Sawant, one of the nation’s most progressive elected representatives, OR will you side with big business and the right-wing?”
Also, so you know, according to our state legislature it is legal. This propaganda is allowed by RCW 29A.56.250
FYI this Special Recall Election date is Dec 7th, 2021.
This is absolutely appalling and it is right out of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto. So much of our government and education systems are not advocating and teaching our fellow citizens how to think, they are advocating and teaching them what to think.

This is the future of “elections” in our country if the Marxist horde is not stopped in its tracks.
How is this not against the law?

UPDATE — King County Government also put up a sample ballot. This is just shocking how far our country has fallen.


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