Wednesday 3 November 2021

Watch the Smirk Get Wiped Off Rachel Maddow’s Face When She Learns of Election Night ‘Bloodbath’ for Democrats

 For one night, the smirk was wiped off of radical Democrats’ impudent faces as they had to come to grips with the political reality that most American voters now view them as ‘the bad guys.’

This narrative played out metaphorically on the visage of Rachel Maddow, whose expression is the divining rod of leftist political sentiment in the country.

“What do you think the story is tonight thus far?” Maddow asked.

“The story is — I’m not going to call it a blowout because we don’t have the final numbers. But I will tell you somebody high up in McAuliffe’s camp, who was there with McAuliffe put it this way to me about an hour ago. ‘It’s a bloodbath,’” Sabato said.

“So far, everything we’ve seen pretty much falls along that line,” he added. “And while we don’t have complete figures, anything close to complete figures for the House of Delegates, you can guess based on what I’ve just said.”

Larry Sabato, whose “Crystal Ball” at the University of Virginia has been a staple for political observers for years, actually had stumped for McAuliffe on the campaign trail. He himself was guilty of making a tone-deaf and incendiary statement about parents concerned about education before the election.

“The operative word is…race. That is what matters,” he claimed. “There’s a lot of…white backlash, white resistance, whatever you want to call it…We live in a post-factual era[.]”

Well, the fact right now is that Terry McAuliffe has conceded in the Virginia election race. Glenn Youngkin will become Governor, and Winsome Sears will become the first black female Lieutenant Governor, in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Winsome Sears is a strong black woman who opposes the left’s CRT agenda in Virginia.

Her life story does not fit the stereotype that Democrats were putting out about Youngkin supporters all election.

It’s easy to understand why MSNBC and CNN refused to carry Winsome Sears’ victory speech: It would further expose their networks as frauds.

Youngkin and Sears’ win on election night also accompanied the Republican Party flipping the Virginia House. Meanwhile, the New Jersey governor’s race is neck-and-neck between Republican Jack Ciattarelli and Democratic incumbent Phil Murphy. The entire night was a repudiation of Joe Biden’s vision for America and the radical Democratic Party, regardless of the final results.

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