Sunday 21 November 2021

RNC Outraises DNC in October by Over $2 Million

 The Republican National Committee (RNC) outperformed the Democrat National Committee’s (DNC) October fundraising by over $2 million, according to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings on Saturday.

The latest monthly filings show the RNC raised $13.8 million in October, compared to the DNC’s $11.5 million.

While the RNC has reported having less cash on hand than the Democrats, with $67.9 million compared to the DNC’s $68.1 million, the Republicans have raised more overall this year by nearly $4 million.

The filing showed the RNC raised $136,657,958 compared to the DNC filing, which showed nearly $4 million with $132,968,586 raised overall this year.

The Republican’s fundraising success indicates the party is in a good position moving into 2022, as the midterms are quickly approaching. The Republicans are looking to take back the House and possibly the Senate from Democrat control.

Next year, all 435 members in the House are up for reelection, and 16 Democrat members have already announced they are retiring or running for a different position, such as the Senate or in a local or state election. Additionally, nearly one-third are  up for reelection in the Senate, with many members announcing their retirement plans.

Recently, Republicans in the generic polls have dominated. Numerous polls have shown Republicans beating Democrats in a generic ballot leading up to the election when respondents say who they would rather elect to represent them as Democrats continue to pass partisan agenda items, such as the infrastructure package and the reconciliation bill.

Additionally, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) last filing showed his new record-breaking fundraising total of $57.8 million banked for the House Republicans in the first nine months of 2021.

As the Republicans gain momentum trying to unseat Democrats and take back the House in the midterms, McCarthy, at the time, touted his ability to raise huge sums of money with 13 months remaining before the election.

In the Senate, the Cook Report, and the University of Virginia Center for Politics both shifted several Democrat Senate seats to “Toss-up,” shortly after Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin built momentum in recent months on the campaign trail with Republicans and won Virginia’s gubernatorial race after initially being the underdog.

The Cook Political Report changed three major Democrat Senate races, a year ahead of the midterms: Sen. Mark Kelly’s Arizona Senate seat, Sen. Raphael Warnock’s Georgia Senate seat, and Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto’s Nevada Senate seat, all were changed from “lean Democrat” to “Toss-up.”

The University of Virginia Center for Politics also changed the Senate seats in Arizona, Georgia, and Nevada from “Leans Democratic” to “Toss-up.” However, the Center for Politics changed Sen. Michael Bennet’s Colorado Senate seat from “Safe Democratic” to “Likely Democratic,” noting, at the time being, the seat was not yet a “Toss-up.” 

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