Sunday 28 November 2021

“If Anybody Below Them Had Ever Done What They Did to President Donald Trump, They’d Still Be in the Brig” – Dr. Peter Navarro on Generals Milley, Mattis, McMaster and John Kelly


The generals who reported to President Trump did things that they still should be in the brig for, per Dr. Peter Navarro in an excellent interview on Bannon’s War Room this morning.

Dr. Peter Navarro shared:

The idea that he [General Milley] would take the quote ‘initiative’ to call the Chinese without informing the President to assuage them on something that never, ever entered the Oval Office.  I was in the Oval Office every time we ever talked about China.  Every time.  Never once was there any idea that we would threaten them with war or whatever.  Donald Trump is the most peace loving person in the world.  That’s why he covets ‘peace through strength’ and wants a high defense budget.

Steve Bannon then interjects:

He [President Trump] also understands something very sophisticated he never gets credit for.  He understands in modern warfare, unrestrictive warfare, you have information ‘cyber’, you have economic and you have kinetic.  Donald Trump is the one who used the kinetic card last…

Dr. Navarro responds:

…That’s my problem with Milley.  It’s like these guys in uniform.  You’ve got,whether it’s Mattis.  Whether it’s McMaster.  Whether it’s Milley.  Whether it’s John (Friggin) Kelly.  These guys.  It’s like their whole careers were built on obeying the chain of command.  If anybody below them had ever done what they did to President Donald Trump, they’d still be in the brig

These people are so out of control right now.  Everything they did is undermining the fundamental principles of the republic.  Milley should be court marshalled for what he did.  There is no excuse for the Joint Chiefs of Staffs’ Head to unilaterally go to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and talk about what may or may not be in the head of the Commander in Chief that Milley served. You do not do that.

See the excellent interview below:


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