Saturday 30 October 2021

Student at Michigan State University Cafeteria Hands Out Face Masks “For Minorities Only!!”...”$10 For White People!!”

 Michigan State University, known for being less liberal than its top rival, the University of Michigan, has been making the news recently, but for all the wrong reasons.

Yesterday, we wrote about an email from MSU’s Dean of Students and parents telling them to choose their costumes wisely, warning them that “costumes can elicit trauma if they poke fun at the experiences of historical harm, bigotry or displacement.”

In their letter to adult students that provides guidelines about how they can or cannot dress for Halloween, they share a list of inappropriate Halloween costumes that include pandemic victims, body-shaming costumes, cultural stereotypes, or national tragedies. National tragedies???

So, no COVID costumes, and no Joe Biden costumes, because as most Americans know, Biden would fall under that category of “national tragedy.” And don’t even think about padding your costume to make yourself appear larger, as that may be considered. “body-shaming” by the MSU “experts” on hurt feelings.

But wait…

It just keeps getting better.

Yesterday, Chrissy Clark, a reporter who covers education for the Daily Mail, shared an incredible photo of a masked black student sitting outside of a cafeteria at MSU with a sign that reads: “Free Masks and Glove for MINORITIES ONLY!! $10 per mask for White People!!”

Here’s a close up image of the sign:

Would it be okay for a white student to sit outside of a cafeteria in plain sight of students and administration at a major university anywhere in America with a sign that read: “Free Masks and Glove for WHITES ONLY!! $10 per mask for Black People!!” It’s a rhetorical question, of course, but one that must be asked by parents of kids who are routinely being bullied and shamed by fellow students and members of the faculty at colleges across America for the crime of being born White in Woke America.

UPDATE: MSU Student MeAnna Durham claims the outrageous, racist sign was designed as a ‘social experiment’ adding that it offered free masks and gloves to non-whites, to “demonstrate how minorities and disabled persons have been negatively impacted by the pandemic versus other groups. I wanted to reverse the privilege,” the student tweeted. (Her tweet is now hidden from the public)

Shut down in less than 24 hours, it’s “honestly hilarious due to the fact that MSU has had multiple racist incidents that never get addressed,” MeAnna rebuked. “But a black woman, trying to give privilege to those who lack, and all of a sudden it[‘]s a problem?”

“It’s a disturbing display of racism and hypocrisy. She’s trying to justify her actions to fit her leftist narrative,” Caity Martin, President of MSU Turning Point USA told The Morning Watch.

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