Saturday 2 October 2021

In Yet ANOTHER “Breakthrough” Case, FULLY-VACCINATED Justice Kavanaugh Tests Positive For COVID...Angry Leftist Females Respond

 U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh is arguably the most hated man by leftist women in America.

It has just been revealed that the FULLY-VACCINATED Justice Kavanaugh has tested positive for COVID.

Imagine how many people testing positive for the CCP virus AREN’T making the news because they aren’t celebrities, politicians, or popular figures in America?

How many more “breakthrough” cases of FULLY-VACCINATED people are we going to hear about before we stop calling them “breakthrough” cases? 

“First Words” suggested COVID “breakthrough” cases need a new name. He nailed it with his tweet:

“These cases aren’t breaking through. They’re walking right in.”

Women on the rabid left who hate Justice Kavanaugh more than they hate cancer sprung into action.

CNN anchor and Chief National Affairs Analyst for CNN Kasie Hunt shared a cute photo of Justice Kavanaugh crossing the finish line in an OUTDOOR race with members of Congress and “other Washington power players” on Wednesday.

A tweet by “Beks,” aka “antifaoperative” is (I think) supposed to be funny to those who bought into Christine Blasey-Ford’s lie about a decades-old party where he allegedly sexually assaulted her, but strangely, she just remembered about it when the pro-life justice was being confirmed.

Writer for Amazon Prime show “Yearly Departed,” Bess Kalb mocked the fully-vaccinated Kavanuahg for contracting COVID.

It’s curious that with all of the hate directed at Justice Kavanaugh for contracting COVID while he is FULLY-VACCINATED, none of the same people wishing death upon him or calling him a “rapist” are demanding accountability for the vaccination manufacturers or Dr. Fauci, who early on, misled us about the efficacy of the vaccine.

The hateful comments from the Left were not limited to angry Femi-Nazis; angry leftist men (the same ones who shame Americans for NOT getting the vaccination) also jumped in to mock the FULLY-VACCINATED Justice Kavanaugh.

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