Thursday 30 September 2021

Arizona Audit Of 2020 Election Finds Tens Of Thousands Of Ballots Illegally Cast And Counted


The state of Arizona has completed an audit of the vote in 2020 that has some troubling findings.

Biden carried the state with only about 10,000 votes, but the audit has found that there were tens of thousands of votes that were illegally cast or counted.

That’s enough to potentially change the outcome.

The Federalist reported:

Arizona 2020 Vote Audit Finds Potentially Election-Shifting Numbers Of Illegal Ballots

On Friday, the Arizona State Senate released the final reports on the results of the Maricopa County Forensic Election Audit. While the reports made several significant findings supporting former President Trump’s complaints about the 2020 election, the corporate media ignored those aspects of the audit to focus instead only on the results of the hand recount.

As broadly reported, the audit established “there were no substantial differences between the hand count of the ballots provided and the official canvass results for the County.” Maricopa County, which represents Arizona’s most populous county thanks to its county seat of Phoenix, had provided Biden a 45,000-vote advantage in the state, propelling Biden to a victory by 10,457 votes. So the media presented the recount as confirming Biden’s victory in the state.

Left unmentioned, however, were the numerous findings of problems with the election and, most significantly, evidence indicating tens of thousands of ballots were illegally cast or counted. A report entitled “Compliance with Election Laws and Procedures,” issued by Senate Audit Liaison Ken Bennett, highlighted several issues, of which two were particularly significant because of the number of votes involved.

This is disturbing.

There will always be a shadow hanging over the 2020 election. Democrats will never be rid of this doubt.

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