Wednesday 27 January 2021

Jovan Pulitzer on Individuals Saying This was the Most Secure Election in History – “If It Was It’d Be Very Transparent” – And It’s Not (VIDEO)


Jovan Pulitzer is attempting to forensically validate the ballots in Maricopa County Arizona.  But the Board of Supervisors in the county is attempting to prevent him from doing his work there.  

Pulitzer has also offered to review the ballots in Fulton County Georgia and the Georgia Senate approved his effort there.  But the last we heard on Georgia was that the FBI came in and took custody of some ballots and sent them to the shredder.

OANN interviewed Pulitzer and after describing his methodology and the information that he can identify in his ballot review process and he explained that the end result is that the machines will review the ballots and this will take the human element out of the review process.  When asked what is the downside to this, Pulitzer said:


The downside is humans are removed, biases are removed and we can get absolute fact.  You know we’ve been told this was the most secure election ever in the history of the United States.  I don’t believe that because if it was it’d be very transparent and we can look at it, so what’s the resistance?  The resistance is that once this is done you have the absolute truth.

This is the first answer needed.  We need to confirm the number of valid ballots and then determine the winner of the 2020 election.  We have not yet done this.  The government requires ballots be maintained for 22 months after a federal election.  We have about 19 months left to review the ballots in the swing states and get an accurate count of ballots there.  Please contact these legislatures to make sure they know you want this to happen.

Pulitzer’s method can then be used going forward to ensure integrity in our elections.  But we must first know the truth from the 2020 election.

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