Wednesday 18 November 2020

For $13/Hour, This Person Is Looking For Nanny With A Bachelor’s Degree Who’d Also Be A Housekeeper, Teacher, Personal Shopper, And Driver

 If you have ever been looking for a job, you’ve probably come across AT LEAST a few job listing ads with an incredibly long list of requirements and an unreasonably low salary. We’ve all been there, and it’s always annoying. Though if there were ever a contest for the most ridiculous job postings with the most ridiculous salaries—I have no idea why there would be such a contest—this ad that recently went viral on Reddit would definitely be a top-scoring one.

A few days ago, a user on Reddit shared an interesting job listing ad they happened across. To be more specific, the listing was for a nanny, though the list of requirements and responsibilities was borderline offensive. And the salary for the job was even more ridiculous—they were offering $13/hour. “Be a very specific age, have a bachelor’s degree, be a nanny, housekeeper, teacher and personal shopper…and more, all for $13/hr,” the redditor wrote in the description of their post.

This job listing ad attracted the attention of thousands of people on Reddit


If the job description seemed too long and you were too lazy to read it, let us sum up it for you. This person is looking for a nanny for their two kids, aged 8 and 13, who must have a bachelor’s degree, a car, must be good with pets, must be bilingual, willing to travel, could cook, help kids with homework, do groceries and personal shopping, and take care of the house. In addition, the nanny must be from 25 to 30 years old.

Many people on Reddit found this job listing crazy, ridiculous, or even mildly offensive. In just two days, the post gained almost 40k upvotes and received over 2k comments.

People on Reddit had a few things to say about this job listing

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