Thursday, 1 October 2020

World's press paints America as a global laughing stock and slams the 'shameful' presidential debate as a 'national humiliation'

 Press across the globe have branded the United States a laughing stock following Tuesday night's tumultuous debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

In the heated debate, Trump bulldozed over Biden with repeated interruptions, insults were thrown back and forth and moderator Chris Wallace failed to maintain order amid the chaos.

Papers and news outlets across the globe deemed the debate a 'shame', a 'chaotic spectacle of political theater', and Trump's potential re-election 'the first line of America's obituary'. 

Donald Trump at the presidential debate Tuesday
Joe Biden at the presidential debate Tuesday

Press across the globe have branded the United States a laughing stock and a 'national humiliation' following Tuesday night's tumultuous debate between President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden

The Guardian, UK  

The Guardian slammed the debate a 'national humiliation' that will prompt the rest of the world and future historians 'to weep'.

The paper said if Trump wins re-election this November, it’ll be 'the first line of America’s obituary.'

The Times, UK 

The Times said: 'The clearest loser from the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden was America.'

Der Spiegel, Germany  

News Magazine Der Spiegel eviscerated the debate as a 'joke, a low point, a shame for the country'.

Author Markus Feldenkirchen blasted Trump and Biden as 'two over-70s who interrupt each other like 5-year-olds' and the president as having 'uncouth, undignified behavior.'

El Pais, Spain

The Spanish newspaper denigrated the debate as 'the most chaotic and least edifying spectacle of political theater ever produced on American television.' 

Le Monde, France

The French newspaper bashed the debate as a 'terrible storm', and Trump as a bully who sought to 'push his opponent off his hinges'.

Libération, France

The French outlet described the event as 'chaotic, childish, grueling'. 

Corriere Della Sera, Italy 

The Italian outlet dug into Trump as an 'un-presidential president who throws verbal punches in every direction every time he is put in trouble.' 

Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

The newspaper blasted United States democracy as a whole following the chaotic debate saying: 'Many wondered if the chaos and tenor of the event said something more fundamental about the state of American democracy.'

Times of India, India

The Indian newspaper likened the debate to 'mud-wrestling', adding 'The United States embarrassed itself before the world for nearly 100 minutes'. 

Global Times, China  

The state-run newspaper hailed Tuesday's display as 'the most chaotic presidential debate ever'. 

The outlet wrote: 'This debate was like the country: Everybody's talking. Nobody's listening. Nothing is learned. It's a mess.'

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