Thursday 1 October 2020

Joe Biden Arrives at Pittsburgh Train Station to Handful of Supporters, Falsely Claims He Owns ‘No Stocks’ (VIDEO)


Trump was right. Hardly anyone shows up to Biden’s campaign events.

Joe Biden began his ‘whistle-stop’ train tour in Cleveland, Ohio Wednesday morning.

Biden took the Amtrak from Cleveland to Alliance, Ohio where he was greeted by Trump supporters blaring his gaffes over huge speakers.

Joe Biden and his wife Jill then arrived to a train station in downtown Pittsburgh Wednesday afternoon to a handful of supporters (mostly media). 


Joe and Jill emerge from the train.


Just look at that crowd!

Joe Biden lied to the group of people standing around at the train station and said he owns no stocks.

“I don’t own any stocks,” Biden said as an attack against President Trump for (gasp) focusing on the stock market.

Biden then quickly corrected himself and said that he does own stocks through his retirement funds but he has no idea what the stocks are.

Blue collar China Joe is so relatable!

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