Wednesday 22 July 2020

Hillary Clinton Outlines Bizarre Conspiracy Theory About Roger Stone In Interview, Says Russia ‘Succeeded’

Failed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gave one of her most bizarre interviews to date Monday night, telling MSNBC that President Donald Trump commuted Roger Stone’s prison sentence to keep the controversial Republican strategist silent about a Trump deal with Russian officials to alter the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.
Speaking to MSNBC anchor Joy Reid, Clinton implied that Trump struck a deal with Stone to end Stone’s stay in federal prison before it even began in order “to basically shut up Roger Stone so that Roger Stone would not spill any more beans about what actually happened and what Donald Trump actually knew.”
“This is a continuation of the cover-up,” Clinton said, apparently implying that there is still evidence of collaboration between Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and transition teams and shady Russian officials who undermined the American electoral process and installed Trump in office.
Despite Clinton’s belief that the Russians somehow stole the 2016 election, Special Counsel Robert Mueller concluded, after a nearly two-year investigation, that there was no evidence of any active collaboration between Trump’s team and Russian officials, though it does appear that hackers, loosely affiliated with the Russian government, did try to sow discord on social media and some Russian officials may have offered help to the Trump campaign — requests the Trump campaign apparently ignored.
Stone, like Trump’s former national security advisor Michael Flynn, was charged with lying under oath to investigating officials (Flynn to the FBI and Stone to Congress). Stone was also convicted on charges of witness tampering. Neither was charged with espionage or active subversion of an election.
Instead, it appears Clinton herself was responsible for her 2016 loss, ignoring key swing states like Wisconsin and Michigan, where internal campaign polling showed decisive Democrat victories, even as evidence pointed to a more questionable electoral result. Ultimately, Clinton lost both states, costing her the Electoral College, though she did win the popular vote.
Clinton seems convinced, however, that Russia not only succeeded in altering the outcome of the 2016 presidential election but that Russian officials are actively looking to undermine the 2020 presidential election as well.
“It’s very clear that Russia succeeded,” Clinton told MSNBC. “They believe that they were able to influence the minds and even votes of Americans, so why would they stop? They really want to pursue their agenda of dividing us.”
Not satisfied with propagating conspiracies about election tampering, Clinton also touched on allegations that the Trump administration ignored evidence that Russia offered bounties to members of the Taliban who killed American troops in Afghanistan — a report the Trump administration, and President Trump himself, has repeatedly denied.
“He still as president of the United States has yet to say anything about bounties on American troops,” Clinton sniped.
Clinton’s allegations were met with open mockery from some Republican officials.

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