Thursday 2 July 2020

Black Florida Sheriff “I’ll Deputize Gun Owners To Stop Godless BLM MOB”

Darryl Daniels, an African-American Sheriff of Clay County in North Florida has a stern message for what he calls “godless disruptors” who have destroyed towns across America and murdered law enforcement officers during “peaceful” Black Lives Matter and Antifa domestic terrorist gatherings.
Clay County is a suburb right outside of Jacksonville, where the RNC will be held next month, capped off by a much anticipated speech by President Trump as he officially accepts the Republican nomination for President of the United States. He announced that violence and destruction will not be allowed in his county and that if the police are overwhelmed by brutish BLM and Antifa thugs, he will have no choice but to make the gun owners of Clay County “special deputies” in order to quell domestic terrorist and insurrectionist activity.

The BLM / Antifa mob have promised to bus in thousands of domestic terrorists to harass, intimidate, and potentially murder Trump supporters or members of the conservative media. It is great to see a law enforcement leader make such a statement and place the trust in law abiding gun owners to restore order. Daniels ended the video by stating that if they try him, he will give them the fame and attention that they want… which will include the pain that will befall them for resisting arrest and turning his county into a warzone.
Judson Sapp, a congressional candidate in Florida’s 3rd district which includes Clay County, told TGP the following.
“I live here in Clay County. Our conservative area will not tolerate these rioters.  Times like these highlight why the Second Amendment is so very important. The right of people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed and rioters will not threaten us!”

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