Wednesday 27 May 2020

Whitmer Admits Trump Is in Her Head, Causing Her To Lose Sleep with His Tweets

As Democratic Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer continues to hold her state’s residents hostage to draconian lockdown orders amid the coronavirus pandemic, she admits that President Donald Trump is living rent free inside her head.
Whitmer recently spoke with Axios reporter Alexi McCammond during an interview for the program “Axios on HBO,” claiming she carefully crafts her words about Trump when speaking publicly for fear that he will withhold federal assistance for Michigan.
During the interview, which aired Monday, McCammond asked Whitmer about her relationship with the president.
“Do you feel like when you’re talking about the president publicly, you have to censor yourself for the sake of continuing to receive federal assistance?” she asked
Whitmer responded, “Yes.”
“And you’ve always felt that way?” McCammond asked.
“Listen, the worst night sleep that I’ve gotten in the last 10 weeks is when he has attacked me on Twitter,” Whitmer replied.
Indeed Trump has gone after Whitmer on Twitter for her response to the coronavirus, which has essentially sidelined the state’s once robust economy since March.
Trump has also attacked the Democrats’ vote-by-mail scheme, which is supported by Whitmer and other Michigan Democrats.

Whitmer’s grab for power over the lives of her state’s residents has already resulted in their ability to attend church and get a haircut being restricted.
Now, she wants to allow the integrity of the November election to be potentially undermined by mail-in ballots in a state Trump won by a razor-thin margin in 2016.
While Democrats have plenty of experience when it comes to forcing their opponents to bend to their will, Trump constantly remains on the offensive, and he doesn’t lie down during a fight.
Whitmer is now on record admitting that the president’s sometimes harsh political tactics are effective.
No president in modern American history has been so willing to buck traditional political mores when negotiating.
And Trump has apparently gotten under her skin.
It is hard to imagine Trump would actually withhold funds and other assistance for Americans suffering under Whitmer’s rule, as she asserted in the interview, but the fact that the Democratic governor admitted publicly she considers his response before making decisions speaks to his potency as a political force.
Whitmer likely used the question from McCammond and her answer as an attempt to portray herself and her constituents as victims being held hostage by some sort of madman.
But she also signaled that Trump might be the only person standing between her and Michiganders as she continues to behave like an autocrat drunk on power.
Under Whitmer’s lockdown, Michigan’s citizens have been forced to deal with a 22 percent unemployment rate.
What’s more, they have been harassed by laws that inhibit their ability to work and move freely.
Who knows what kind of further restrictions might have been forced onto the people of Michigan, and for what duration, if Trump weren’t so willing to take the fight directly to Whitmer and other Democrats.

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