Friday 8 May 2020

Hawaiian authorities now arresting tourists who refuse to self-quarantine

Hawaiian authorities are arresting tourists who refuse to adhere to self-quarantine mandates amid the COVID-19 outbreak.


What are the details?

On Monday, authorities arrested a Northern California couple visiting the state for their honeymoon.
The couple reportedly refused to self-quarantine at the hotel and allegedly would not engage in social distancing.
The couple, 20-year-old Borice Leouskiy and 26-year-old Yuliia Andreichenko of Citrus Heights, arrived at a Waikiki hotel last week. When a hotel manager read them requirements about the state's self-quarantine order, the couple reportedly refused to comply with the mandate and insisted on leaving the hotel to travel around the island. The couple continued to flout the order over the following days.
According to KITV-TV, special investigators arrested the couple and charged them under the state's statutes for unsworn falsification and violation of the 14-day quarantine order.
In a statement, Attorney General Clare Connors said, "We appreciate the vigilance and cooperation of the hotel staff, and staff at other hotels, in helping maintain the health and safety of visitors and residents. It is important that everyone flying into Hawaii at this time, abide by our mandatory rules. Law enforcement, in partnership with other state and county agencies and the travel industry are continuing to monitor compliance with the mandatory self-quarantine rule."
WKBN-TV reported that Hawaii's quarantine mandates are the strictest in the country, and at least 20 people have been arrested for breaking the rules.
"Officials have even considered having travelers wear an ankle bracelet during their quarantine period, or setting up a designated site where tourists would be required to stay at for the 14 days," the station reports.

What else?

In April, Hawaii Gov. David Ige (D) announced that any visitors or residents would be subject to a $5,000 fine and one year in prison if they refused to quarantine for 14 days after arriving in the state.
At the time of this writing, Johns Hopkins researchers estimate that at least 626 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in Hawaii, with at least 17 deaths attributed to the virus.

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