Sunday 31 May 2020

Bride-To-Be Saves Over $18,000 for Dream Wedding by Eating Her Favorite Foods

Most brides-to-be have a tortured relationship with food, especially as it relates to their wedding day. Bryony Morganna, on the other hand, is eating food to pay for her wedding.
That sounds like a dream gig — and in a way, it is. But like everything, it took time and effort for the British woman to get to where she is today.

It all started for the Guildford, Surrey, resident back in 2016 when she was dabbling in social media. She had a YouTube account and an Instagram account, but her YouTube channel didn’t really take off the way she’d hoped. So, after giving it a go, she decided to focus on Instagram.
“The thing is with Instagram, it’s easier and quicker to engage with your audience than it is on YouTube so you can build a following a bit more easily,” she told Metro, a British news outlet.
At first, she simply used Instagram as a platform for sharing photos of delicious food — something many people were doing at the time. She didn’t get paid, it was just a hobby that she did for herself.

“When I started out sharing pictures of food, I did it because I love food — not because I thought I could make money out of it,” she explained.
After three years total of posting and eating (and one of those years taking her posting very seriously), Morganna finally started to make money off her endeavors. Summer 2019 was when she started to rake in the cash.
She upgraded her account to a business account in 2019 and began getting offers from restaurants and eateries. Not only would she get free food, she would basically get paid to eat it.
“Brands started approaching me and asking if I could create content using their food — either in pictures or a short video,” she said. “The prices for working with brands can vary but my base fee is about £400, which would include one post on my grid, three Instagram stories and a swipe up link to the product website.”

“Sometimes, if I agree to work exclusively with a brand for a period of time, I can charge up to £1,000. Or, if I get asked to work on a longer project over a few months, which will include something like six pictures and multiple bits of video content, I can charge up to £2,000.”
Now, at 28, Morganna has nearly 20,000 followers and gets to indulge in her passion for amazing food — and it’s literally paying the bills. 
“My Instagram page has turned out to be a good little money earner,” she continued. “The money side of things has come as a nice surprise – not only do I get to try amazing food all the time, but I’ve managed to save £15,000 for my wedding.”

That’s a little over $18,000: Not too shabby at all for a side gig.
All in all, she’s expecting the wedding to cost around $37,000, but with the wedding moved from this year to next September, she’s got time.
“I’ve managed to save all the money I’ve made from Instagram for the wedding,” she added. “I’m lucky because it’s not my full-time job, so I can put away all the extra money I make from it.”
“I’m a big believer in ‘Go big or go home.’ Even though we’ve had to postpone our wedding, when it does finally come around, we want it to be a huge party with all our family and friends.”
Thanks to her social media presence, it looks like the couple will be able to do just that!

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