Friday 24 April 2020

President Trump Blasts WaPo Reporter During Coronavirus Briefing, ‘I’m the President and You’re Fake News’ (VIDEO)

President Trump was on fire on Thursday during his Coronavirus briefing from the White House.
Trump blasted Washington Post White House bureau Phil Rucker.
The fraudstream media is pushing back on data that indicates the Coronavirus would behave like strains of the flu and die out in the summer months.
President Trump wasn’t having it and let WaPo reporter Phil Rucker have it!
“Hey Phil…I’m the president, and you’re fake news.” Trump said doubling down on reports suggesting heat and sun helps kill off the Coronavirus.
But Trump wasn’t finished.
He turned his ire toward CNN and lit up Kaitlan Collins.
“The problem is you don’t write the truth…I told you, CNN is fake news. Don’t talk to me.” Trump said.

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