Thursday 2 April 2020

Police Shut Down Hobby Lobby Stores in Midwest After Stores Remain Open in Defiance of Coronavirus Lockdown -- Moms with Children Hurt the Most

Police in the Midwest forcefully shut down Hobby Lobby stores after the stores remained open in defiance to the coronavirus lockdown.
Liquor stores are deemed essential businesses but mothers with children at home are out of luck.
Police in Wisconsin and Indiana had to step in and close multiple Hobby Lobby arts-and-crafts stores this week after they reopened in violation of restrictions on non-essential businesses that have been imposed to stop the spread of the coronavirus.
It also has emerged that all 19 Hobby Lobby locations in Ohio were back in business after only a brief hiatus, despite a stay-at-home order that was issued by Gov Mike DeWine on March 23.
The company reopened nearly all of its stores in Wisconsin, where Gov Tony Evers signed a ‘safer at home’ order on March 24 mandating, among other things, the closure of all non-essential businesses.
Craft stores are a necessity for everyone locked up at home with nothing to do. This is really religious persecution. Wisconsin’s list of non-essential businesses targets beauty parlors, spas, and other health services.
Secondly, schools are all online now.  Kids kindergarten through college are home schooling online.
They need art and other supplies for home schooling.  The governor is interfering with education.
Here is the governor’s essential business list.

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