Saturday 18 April 2020

Pelosi Sits at Home Eating Chocolates and Smearing the President as Middle Class Americans Lose Their Jobs and Wait for Her to Approve Small Business Loans

Pelosi shows off her chocolate basket as American workers line up at food banks
Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi is at home in her San Francisco mansion during the California lockdown doing appearances on late night television while American workers and business owners go broke.
As of Thursday Speaker Pelosi would not approve more funding for small business.
Last week, Democrats blocked the $250 billion replenishment of the Paycheck Protection Program prompting Pelosi to partake in a parade praising partisan Democrats for blocking the program.
And on Thursday the Small Business Association announced they officially ran out of money for their loan program to America’s small businesses. 
On Thursday at least 20,000 small business loans went unprocessed because Democrats Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer would not approve more funding.
Instead of approving more cash for small businesses Pelosi smeared the program retweeting the relief money is not going to small businesses.
Let's set the record straight: Dems aren't blocking for small businesses. We are fighting to make sure these funds get into the hands of small business owners being shut out by big lenders. GOP: Let's work together to get this relief to the folks who really need it.
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The truth is that 74% of the money distributed went to loans approved for $150,000 and under.

So Pelosi is not only refusing to approve more relief for small businesses but she is also lying about the success of the program.
What a demon.

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