Sunday 19 April 2020

Media Hack Asks President About Paul Sperry’s Mosque Tweet — President Trump Defends Christians, Jews, Muslims and Blasts Jew-Haters in Democrat Party

Earlier on Saturday President Trump retweeted reporter Paul Sperry’s tweet on Ramadan and social distancing in the Muslim community.
Paul Sperry questioned this week if law enforcement will crack down on mosques like they have on Christian churches at Easter.
President Trump retweeted Sperry.
Of course, this upset the left who accused President Trump of being Islamophobic for asking the question.
One female reporter asked President Trump about his Sperry retweet at the daily coronavirus press conference.
Trump hit it out of the ballpark.
Paul Sperry posted the partial transcript.
President Trump went on to defend Christians from the Christ-haters in the media. And he blasted Democrats for harboring a slew of open Jew-haters.
Good take here.

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