Monday 20 April 2020

“Have You Accidentally Killed Someone Today?” Oregon PSAs Shame People Into Staying Home Amid COVID-19 Outbreak (VIDEO)

“Don’t accidentally kill someone. Stay home.”
Oregon public service announcements are shaming people into staying home so they don’t kill people amid the Coronavirus outbreak.
The “Stay Home, Save Lives” campaign is a public-private partnership to communicate to Oregonians about how they can do their part to contain the spread of COVID-19. according to the government website.
If you want to get back to work so you can feed your family and keep a roof over your head, then you are a murderer. 
The public service announcement opens up with, “Did you accidentally kill someone today?”

Another PSA tells Oregonians that if they don’t stay home, 1.4% of the people in the state will die.
“It’s up to you you how many people live or die. Don’t accidentally kills someone.”

Although the Orwellian ad campaign started in Oregon, the PSAs are now playing in California.

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