Sunday 12 April 2020

Deranged WaPo Writer: ‘Biden Needs To Accuse Trump Of Willingness To Kill People’

The 2016 election caused some people in media to truly lose their minds. 
Perhaps no one more so than the Washington Post’s supposedly conservative writer Jennifer Rubin.
She has used her position at the Post to bash Trump for three years and has even reversed her opinions on certain policy issues just so she can criticize him.
She is of course backing Joe Biden and recently gave him some advice on Twitter. 
This is just disgusting:
Townhall breaks it down:
Washington Post’s ‘Conservative’ Writer Is Now Just Beyond Parody After Her Last Tweet About Trump
I mean, this is now just parody. If not, it’s now confirmed as one of the worst cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome thus far. This was a long time coming, but The Washington Post’s so-called “conservative” writer, Jennifer Rubin, is back at it again, blaming Trump for the death toll from the Wuhan coronavirus.
“Biden must say it: Trump will get more people killed” is the headline of her column. It’s just absurd. First, no one will ever convince me that the only way to save the Republican Party or conservatism is to vote for a Democrat, especially one that’s called Joe Biden.
For those who are opposed to ‘destroying the village to save it’ logic, this is it in its most pure form. What the hell are people thinking? And this goes double for the Republicans who voted for Hillary Clinton, the ultimate traitors to the cause.
Now, granted, I will give some latitude here; Rubin does make a good point that going back to normal too soon will lead to a resurgence in infections, but it’s also true that some major companies and scores of small businesses cannot survive a lockdown for another 4-6 weeks.
This woman is just vile:
At a time when the country is trying to come together, she just can’t let go of her anti-Trump dementia.

It’s sad.

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