Sunday 22 March 2020

Photos from Gillum's Wild Drug and Alcohol-Fueled Night Go Public: Report

Photographs reportedly from failed Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum’s wild drug- and alcohol-fueled party night have gone public, and the pictures look damning.
The photos, acquired by the U.K. Daily Mail, give much-needed context to the mysterious night that left one man overdosed.
The scene described by police is accurately captured in the photos, including baggies apparently full of methamphetamine and empty alcohol bottles, underscoring the shocking decision by authorities to send Gillum on his way without so much as a citation.
It’s unclear if Gillum, who ran for governor in 2018, would have been charged with a crime if he were an ordinary citizen and not a former Democratic Party idol.
Judging by the chaotic and hedonistic state of the Miami Beach hotel room seen in the photos, it’s hard to imagine an average Joe being allowed to simply go home.
Unidentified pills can be seen strewn about, along with several of the telltale orange prescription bottles.
Small baggies, seemingly full of crystal meth, were photographed, along with a bottle of medication designed to be injected intravenously.
Bedding thrashed and left lying around the upscale hotel room had suspicious stains, seemingly from various bodily fluids.
The scandalous photos made their way onto social media, and news of the discovery quickly took off. Conservative photojournalist Andy Ngo’s followers spread the news once he uploaded the pictures.
The Daily Mail has obtained photos from inside Andrew Gillum's hotel room where a gay male escort had an overdose. The images show bags of white powder, illegal drugs, an injectable medicine that causes erection & sheets/towels soiled with bodily fluids. 
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Gillum was found in an “inebriated state” by police, who responded to the scene with paramedics to assist an overdosed man who was also in the hotel room.
While this other man was initially described as a longtime “friend” of Gillum, reports of the man’s work as a gay male escort quickly surfaced.
News of the police call, overdose and Gillum’s involvement instantly went viral. 
Gillum has claimed that after losing his gubernatorial race, he fell into a deep depression. To cope with his overwhelming sadness, the former Democratic star turned to alcohol.
The former candidate said his state in the hotel room was the result of having “too much to drink” while in town for a wedding.
Gillum quickly conceded that he had a problem, and decided to remedy the situation.
Earlier this week, he announced that he would be entering a rehab program.
“I want to apologize to my family, friends and the people of Florida who have supported me and put their faith in me over the years,” Gillum said, promising to step down from any public roles he held before.

Hopefully Gillum makes a full recovery and is able to continue a normal and productive life in the future.

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