Saturday 14 March 2020

Pelosi Announces House Will Vote Today on Coronavirus Response Bill (VIDEO)

Speaker Pelosi on Friday announced the House will be voting on a Coronavirus response bill dubbed “Families First.”
Pelosi said the bill will include free testing for the uninsured, two weeks paid sick leave, funding support for meals and food banks and unemployment insurance for those who have lost their jobs.
It was reported Thursday that Pelosi pushed to include a way to guarantee federal funding for abortion into the Coronavirus response bill.
According to the Daily Caller, White House officials alleged Pelosi tried to sneak in several provisions that favored Democrats and stalled bipartisan efforts during her negotiations with Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin.
Politico then reported that the Hyde Amendment provision was removed from the Coronavirus response bill.
The two sides resolved issues over federal funding of abortion in a separate bill that will also hit the floor, Politico reported.

Never forget that Nancy Pelosi held up a vote on Coronavirus two weeks ago so that Democrats could run ads against Republicans on Super Tuesday.
Then she tried to ram federal funding for abortion into an important Coronavirus bill — Pelosi is truly evil.

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