Friday 20 March 2020

MUST SEE: Chloroquine Already Used on Coronavirus in US — Study Shows 100% Success Rate — And May Act as Preventative to Virus (VIDEO)

Dr. Mihael Polymeropoulos, the co-founder and former CEO of Vanda Pharmaceuticals, joined Tucker Carlson on Thursday night to discuss the use of chloroquine in the treatment of coronavirus. 
On Monday Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, reported  that the anti-viral medication chloroquine is showing success in fighting the coronavirus.
Dr. Gregory Rigano, the co-author of the study, later went on with Laura Ingraham and then Tucker Carlson to discuss the results from the chloroquine study.
Dr. Rigano announced that their study found  that COVID-19 patients who took hydroxy-chloroquine were found free of the disease in 6 days. The patients were testing negative for the coronavirus in six days!
Dr. Rigano also said taking choroquine could act as a preventative.

On Wednesday night Dr. Rigano told Tucker Carlson that a new peer-reviewed study out of France found that chloroquine had a 100% success rate in treating patients with coronavirus. 

Dr. Rigano also tweeted out his results: 
On Thursday night Dr. Mihael Polymeropoulos that not only is chloroquine successful in treating coronavirus but it acts as a prophylactic and may inhibit a person from catching the disease.
This is tremendous news!

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