Thursday 19 March 2020

Herman Cain: The Fight Against Coronavirus Is Proving Some Things About America

No one is happy about what’s going on, and if you don’t work for Charmin, you’re surely worse off to one degree or another.
We’re all being inconvenienced at best, and some people are losing their jobs. Some people have seen their health compromised and 100 people have lost their lives.
That doesn’t seem like a lot in a country of 327 million, but the countermeasures now are clearly designed to head off where this could go, not where it’s already been.
No one is happy, and that includes me. And yet our response to this has proven some things that there’s value in knowing:
The Food and Drug Administration is notorious for slow-walking approvals of new drugs and treatments – while people suffer and die waiting for the help they need. In the case of coronavirus, they’re fast-tracking treatments. 
Good to know. If they can do it in this case, they can do in others.
President Trump has suspended a lot of rules and regulations on the trucking industry to help ensure that things get delivered when they’re needed.
We seem to be doing just fine without these regulations. Maybe we never needed them in the first place.
The IRS has delayed tax deadlines by 90 days without penalties. That’s nice of them. 
But if the IRS can survive getting payments 90 days late in this case – like may businesses have to do all the time – maybe the IRS doesn’t need to keep imposing all the usual interest and penalties on people who get a little behind paying their taxes.
A lot of people have given food-service workers very generous tips in recent days because they know they’re in for some hard times and they need the help.
That’s great. If we can be generous now, maybe we can be more generous all the time.
I like sports. I hate not being able to watch any. A lot of other people feel the same way. But no one seems to be losing their minds, snapping and going postal over it.
Maybe if we can handle this, we can handle other irritations in life with more grace and class. 
A lot of people have prayed to God for this to be over. Some day it will be. Maybe some of the people who didn’t pray much before will continue doing so when it’s over. That would be great.
No one knows how long this will go on or how bad it will get. I’m hopeful for a quick end and minimal damage. But that’s a hope. It’s not a prediction.
What I can promise you is that I’ll continue to be grateful for my blessings rather than obsess over what we’ve temporarily lost.
We’ve got what it takes to triumph over this and emerge stronger.
And we just might find some things within ourselves that will help us to be better people when it’s all over.

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