Friday 20 March 2020

Former FEMA Chief Walks Off MSNBC Panel: ‘I Don’t Have to Sit Here and Listen to These Bullsh*t People’ (VIDEO)

Former FEMA Administrator Craig Fugate cussed, removed his microphone, and walked off of an MSNBC panel about the coronavirus on Thursday.

The panel, hosted by Katy Tur, also featured the Obama administration’s former Acting Medicare and Medicaid administrator Andy Slavitt. 
The confrontation began when Slavitt said that there are plenty of supplies but the private companies are trying to profit off of them before releasing them “into the supply chain.” 
Fugate argued that governors need to get prepared on their own, because “if we wait for the federal government, we’re too late.” He argued that the virus needs to be tackled at a local level and that it isn’t just up to President Trump, but also local officials, to protect their citizens.
Slavitt disagreed and claimed the problem was too large for governors to handle on their own — and that the real problem was supplies being hoarded in states that did not yet need them.
“So with all due respect to your other guest, there’s not a governor in the country that’s waiting for the federal government right now,” he said. “They are all acting. What they need is coordination because we have, believe it or not, we have masks, we have a lot of these things. They’re sitting in the supply chain, people are profiteering off of them or they’re going to places where people are hoarding them. That happens in a crisis. It’s only by someone looking through the entire system and seeing where those needs are, that you can say, ‘stop hoarding them all in Texas. We need them in New York right now.’”
That was enough for Fugate, who ripped off his microphone off and said, “I don’t have to sit here and listen to these bullsh-t people.”
“Look, these are trying times,” Tur chimed in as Fugate walked off. “And everyone is trying their best, and I know Craig is — I don’t know Craig personally, but I’m sure he’s working as hard and trying his best. Everybody is. These are unprecedented times. So, it’s understandable that he’s frustrated.”

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