Monday 2 March 2020

Disgusting Video of Girl Fist-Pumping in Celebration of Her Abortion Goes Viral

The ability of human beings to be cruel and callous is sometimes shown for the entire world to see, but it is rare that the cruelty is so mirthfully documented by the perpetrators.
We have seen videos of war, murders and other atrocities, but a video circulating on the internet of two girls celebrating an apparent abortion is soul-crushing.
A video uploaded to the social media video sharing app TikTok shows the two young women dancing and laughing as they prepare to snuff out the life of an unborn baby.
Some users concluded it was actually the girl’s second abortion because the video is titled “Abortion time! TAKE 2,” and it shows just how far our society has come in making this monumental decision seem more like popping a pimple than ending a life.
This girl is laughing and having fun about going through her second abortion.

THIS is what happens when you indoctrinate an entire generation into thinking the life of an unborn child holds the same decision value as ordering food through a drive thru window.
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The video starts with the two girls preparing to go to the Planned Parenthood clinic identified as being in Pasadena, California, for the abortion as the viewer can hear laughter in the background.
More laughter is heard as the video shows the two girls in the parking lot at Planned Parenthood where the passenger, presumably the patient, laughs.
Perhaps the most harrowing part of the video comes inside the clinic where the video shows two people in the clinic holding hands and clearly morose.
The video makers mock the two with the caption “There’s two abortion moods.”
The girl who is presumably about to get the abortion is shown nodding her head and and fist pumping in the waiting room.
In the last part of the video the girl is shown in the procedure room about to get her abortion as the video zooms in on the ultrasound of the baby about to be murdered.
This is the product of what the left as done to warp the minds of our youth. To encourage people to “shout your abortion” as if it is a source of pride.
This is the consequence of celebrities and the media promoting the idea that ending the life of an unborn baby is somehow “women power.” 
This is the result of a society that has become so depraved and callous towards the most vulnerable among us that ending a baby’s life is seen as nothing more than a routine medical procedure.
And perhaps most importantly, this is the outcome of generations of teaching young people that they do not need to be responsible for themselves because there is an “easy” way out.
No need to use protection or only have sex when you are prepared for the possible consequences because you can always just kill the baby.
No need to wait for marriage, or at least a serious relationship, for sex when there are not actual consequences for your actions.
When you will not only not have to feel shame for what you have done, you can celebrate it and have others consider you a hero for the atrocity you have committed.
This is a sign of a nation that has become so depraved, so evil and heartless that the idea of it getting any worse boggles the mind.
This is ultimately how societies and great civilizations crumble. We have failed our children as a nation and the bill is coming due.
Our ability to be cruel is endless. When society celebrates abortion, should we be surprised to see this kind of cruelty? My heart breaks for this little helpless baby, killed on camera, his young mother joking about it. And it breaks for her, who will live with this all her life 
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It should be noted that the provenance of the video is unclear, and there’s really no way to know for certain whether the girl in this video was actually pregnant or had the abortion — but the damage the video could do is very real, regardless.
The way it promotes the blatant disregard for human life was already watched by around four million of TikTok’s users before it was picked up by the pro-life group Live Action, according to TheBlaze.
Forty-one percent of those who use TikTok are between 16 and 24 years old, according to the e-commerce site Oberlo. That likely means millions of young minds were exposed through this video to the mentality that the taking of a human life in abortion isn’t just something to be tolerated but actually celebrated.
And, more frighteningly, the video falls in line with the callous and flippant way the majority of liberal society treats abortion.
Considering the way Democratic politicians and Hollywood celebrities talk about abortion as if it is akin to having tonsils removed, it is no wonder our children see the procedure in this way.

And that is the saddest part.

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