Saturday 28 March 2020

Despite the Liberal Media’s Best Efforts — President Trump’s Approval in Dealing with Coronavirus Crisis Continues to Rise

Despite the relentless attacks from Democrats and the media, a strong majority of America is behind President Trump’s leadership during the coronavirus pandemic. 
These polls this week show the American people are with their leader during this health crisis.

  • ABC/Washington Post poll: 66% express confidence in the federal government’s ability to handle the outbreak.
  • Gallup poll: 60% approve of the President’s response to the coronavirus. The Gallup poll also showed an increase in the President’s approval rating among independents and Democrats.
  • Hill-Harris poll: 61% of voters say President Trump is taking strong measures to slow or stop coronavirus spread.
  • ABC/Ipsos poll: 55% approve of the President’s management of the crisis.
  • CBS News poll: 53% say the President is doing a good job of handling the outbreak.

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