Wednesday 12 February 2020

“You’d Be Surprised!” – Trump Drops Major Hint to Media on Identity of “Anonymous” Anti-Trump Skunk in the White House (VIDEO)

On Tuesday President Trump spoke briefly to reporters from the Oval Office.
President Trump was asked about the Roger Stone case during his brief banter with reporters..
President Trump:  No I didn’t speak to the Justice… I would be able to do it if I wanted.  I have the absolute right to do it.  I stay out of things to a degree that people wouldn’t believe.  But I didn’t speak to him.  I thought  the recommendation was ridiculous.  I thought the whole prosecution was ridiculous.  And I look at others who haven’t been prosecuted or I don’t know where it is now.  But when you see that I thought it was an insult to our country and it shouldn’t happen.
President Trump was also asked by John Roberts if he knows who the anonymous media leaker is in the White House.
Trump answered: “I don’t want to say. But you’d be surprised!”
Via M3thods:

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