Wednesday 5 February 2020

“When the President Talked About 7 Million People Coming Off of Food Stamps – Congressional Democrats Hissed” – Ted Cruz GOES OFF on SOTU Democrats (VIDEO)

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) joined Sean Hannity following President Trump’s historic State of the Union Address on Tuesday night. 
Senator Cruz scowled at the Democrats’ behavior during the SOTU Address. Democrats refused to cheer record unemployment rates, wage gains and foreign policy success.

Ted Cruz told Sean he could hear Democrats hiss the seven million Americans coming off of food stamps.

Senator Ted Cruz:  I’ll tell you the moment that I actually thought was the saddest and most revealing early in the speech, at least.  When the president talked about 7 million people coming off of food stamps there were congressional democrats who hissed, who audibly hissed!  Now think about what that reveals  that they are routing for Americans in poverty to be trapped in dependence.  That’s seven million people that have gotten jobs, that are providing for their kids.

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