Sunday 2 February 2020

VIDEO: Sleepy Joe Biden: “I’ve Forgotten What The Hell I Was Going To Say”

This was not the sprint to the finish Biden fans were hoping for…
Former Vice President Joe Biden really seems to be losing it here in the final push for Iowa caucus pandering. Check out this snippet from his recent appearance, where he starts to go somewhere with a sentence, stops to ramble on about his friend from Massachusetts, then proclaims “I’ve forgotten what the hell I was going to say”
Our friends over at @CapitolTrump offer this possible explanation:
Just imagine some big global conference, with all of the world leaders assembled on stage. British PM Boris Johnson gives a rousing speech about national pride. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro speaks of his nation’s booming economy. Then President Sleepy Joe, with his bleeding eye, steps up to the podium and explains, “I’ve forgotten what the hell I was going to say.”

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