Tuesday 11 February 2020

VIDEO: Chris Rock, Steve Martin jab Democratic Party, LA homeless problem at Oscars

Although the Academy Awards went on without a host for the second year in a row, comedians Chris Rock and Steve Martin opened the awards show by taking jabs at the Democratic Party and the homeless problem in Los Angeles.

Mocking the Iowa caucus disaster, Martin quipped, "Now, a couple of years ago there was a big disaster here at the Oscars where they accidentally read out the wrong name — and it was nobody's fault — but it's guaranteed that won't happen this year because the Academy has switched to the new Iowa Caucus App. But what a night!"
The comedians then immediately highlighted the homeless problem plaguing Los Angeles — and how Hollywood ignores it.
"I don't know, Steve. I'm a little conflicted, you know? I was driving here tonight, seeing the terrible homeless problem in L.A.—" Rock said.
"Thank you, Chris! So many stars!" Martin interjected.
Rock and Martin even made light of the reason why the Oscars went without a host, calling their opening monologue an "incredible demotion."
"They don't really have hosts anymore, why is that?" Martin asked.
Rock responded, "Twitter! Everybody's got an embarrassing tweet somewhere. I know I do!"
Of course, the comedians were referring to the incident that forced Kevin Hart to step down from hosting last year's award ceremony. Hart became the subject of fierce social media backlash after years-old tweets joking about the LGBT community circulated online.

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