Friday 7 February 2020

Rep. Mike Johnson: Pelosi Committed FELONY When She Ripped Up the Official Copy of President’s SOTU Address (VIDEO)

Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) joined Tucker Carlson on Thursday night following Nancy Pelosi’s shameful display on Tuesday night where she ripped up the President’s copies of his State of the Union Address.
Rep. Mike Johnson says Pelosi committed a felony by shredding the President’s SOTU documents.
Rep. Mike Johnson: It was totally unprecedented. It was shameless and it was also unlawful, Tucker. A lot of people have been talking about this the last 48 hours and I did a little legal memo to point out to my colleagues that she actually committed a felony when she tore that paper up. It wasn’t just ANY copy of the State of the Union Address it was THE copy, the original. And we have over two centuries of custom and tradition. And, of course, the Constitution calls for the State of the Union Address. When the president delivers the copies to those top legal officers, those two top legislative officers in that co-equal branch of government, those are the official documents of the House. If you tear those up you violate a specific statute in the criminal code.
Mike Johnson posted this video from earlier today at President Trump’s acquittal ceremony.

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