Saturday 1 February 2020

Renowned Butterfly Activist Found Dead in Mexico – Led Marches Against US Border Wall Construction

Illegal immigration is irrefutably jeopardizing U.S. national security, with criminal foreign nationals unlawfully flooding across the border from violence-ravaged Mexico committing rape, drug sales, murder again, and again, and again, and again.
Nonetheless, environmentalists have shown time and time again they are more concerned about protecting the well being of insects than citizens.
Earlier this month, the National Butterfly Center lost a legal battle against Fisher Industries., a construction company contracted by We Build The Wall Inc. to build a security barrier along the border on private land in Texas. Butterfly activists vehemently campaigned against border wall construction, warning a wall would cause “imminent and irreparable harm” to the butterfly sanctuary.
Ironically, a renowned environmental, butterfly activist was found dead Wednesday in crime-ridden Central Mexico, two weeks after he went missing.
Homero Gomez Gonzalez, who managed a butterfly sanctuary in the town of Ocampo in Michoacan state –a region notorious for its violent gangs – was last seen in person on the afternoon of January 13.
His family reported him missing the next day and notified law enforcement officials that he had received threats from an organized crime gang.
Authorities in Michoacan state discovered Gomez Gonzalez’s body in a holding pond near the mountain reserve that he long protected where butterflies spend the winter, but have yet to determine the cause of his death.

The circumstances of Gonzalez Gomez’s disappearance and death remain unclear, his brother, Amando Gomez, warns environmentalists are being targeted in Mexico.
“Something strange is happening, because they’re finishing off all the activists, the people who are doing something for society,” the dead man’s brother told TIME.
“I would like to ask the authorities to do their job and do more to protect activists like my brother, because lately in Mexico a lot of activists have died,” he said. “With his death, not only my family lost a loved one; but the whole world, and the monarch butterfly and the forests lost, too.”

Devoted to the protection of the monarch butterfly in Mexico, Gomez Gonzalez reportedly spent the last decade of his life to leading marches and demonstrations to persuade the government to preserve trees.
Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador paid condolences Gomez Gonzàlez’s death on Thursday, describing his death as “regrettable” and “painful.”
“It’s part of what leads us to apply ourselves more every day to guarantee peace and tranquility in the country,” López Obrador said.
While President Donald Trump has spent a great deal of his political capital on stopping the flow of illegal traffic crossing our southern border, he has encountered roadblocks throughout the entire process.
Democrats and the press continue to downplay the perils of mass illegal immigration, insisting Trump is “manufacturing a crisis” at the border in an effort to “stoke fear. “
Yet, in Mexico on the other side of the Rio Grande, the homicide rate is on the rise amid grisly massacres carried out by criminal gang and drug cartels.
“Since 2006, 60,000 people have disappeared in Mexico, many of them are believed to have fallen victim to criminal gangs who kill anyone who could interfere with their illegal activities,” BBC reports.
Hopefully, Gonzalez Gomez’s death is a wakeup call to American environmentalists and butterfly activists who are continuously obstructing border wall construction, contends We Build The Wall founder Brian Kolfage.

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