Sunday 9 February 2020

Portland Police RETREAT From Protest Line After Antifa Thugs Throw Bottles, Eggs and Projectiles at Officers (VIDEOS)

Awakening from their winter months hibernation, the Antifa terrorists that run the roads of Portland have actually resumed their well-reputed shenanigans. Evidently an actual KKK rally was to occur in the city today, which the coordinators had actually terminated by early morning. This really did not quit the crowds of concealed Antifa, that appeared anyhow to create disorder.
“Law enforcement” officers from the Portland police bureau and Multnomah area Sheriff’s division can be seen pulling away after Antifa assails them with eggs and various other particles.
(Note: Shane Burley is a crazy leftist “journalist” that makes every justification for Antifa’s terrible actions while sensationalizing the activities of others)
Knowing they have complete control over the police and can escape anything they desire, Antifa replies to the “police” orders by tossing even more particles at them.
With the “police” counteracted, Antifa was after that totally free to strike anybody, as they push a little lady right into approaching website traffic and go after out one more man that appears like among them.
Keep in mind this is all taking place actually before the “police” head office.
But after that the police come entering to apprehend individuals that have actually been repelled by the Antifa terrorists. Here’s road videographer Brandon Farley being ferreted out by Antifa, after that apprehended by police.

Apparently being backed out right into, and throughout, the road, towards the police, is what created them to apprehend Farley:
Another videographer from the Stumptown Matters network on You Tube was repelled by around 30 antifa thugs, agitated by infamous provocateur LuisMarquez At around: 50 2nd mark of his video clip a policeman informs him the police will not safeguard him. “If you go over there, we’re not gonna come out and save you” claims the “officer.” “You better come up with a different plan like go somewhere else” the police officers inform him.
As the videographer places it: “The riot police confronted me and told me that if I go back out where I was, then they wouldn’t protect me. Implying once again that masked thugs run the streets of Portland Oregon and if you are targeted by them, then you are the problem according to Portland police.”
Here they are repeling Kif Davis, one more road videographer, as the mirrors of the “police” bureau’s vacant hazards sound with the location.
Yet one more videographer, Brandon Brown, was additionally targeted. Perhaps he need to consider himself fortunate that he just obtained a face filled with pepper spray and had not been defeated, burglarized, and after that apprehended for existing.
You Bulb Portland Andy (not to be perplexed with Andy Ngo) additionally succumbed the Antifa terrorists while livestreaming.
You can take a look at Portland Andy’s stream below (Action begins around 1: 22: 40)
To make it appear like they are doing their work, the Portland “police” Bureau tweeted out that they had actually apprehended 2 people.
Note just how unclear they have to do with that was apprehended and why. This means they can maintain the impression that they are maintaining points in control. Those that just delicately listen will certainly be converted the police are apprehending the rioters.
But they did at some point apprehend one Antifa punk.

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