Tuesday 4 February 2020

OMG! DEMOCRAT CAUCUS DISASTER! Precinct Heads told to Take Pictures of Caucus Results – Text to Manager – Who Will Drive it to HQ! (VIDEO)

You just can’t make this up!
The Democrat caucus results were delayed tonight in Iowa.
At 10 PM there are STILL NO RESULTS!
Eoin Higgins from Common Dreams reported that the secretive Iowa Democrat Party app stopped working hours before the caucuses.
The FOX News crew started LAUGHING OUT LOUD after they broke these news on the continuing disaster.
Bret Baier: Story County, Precinct 101. Guy says, “I’ve been on hold for over an hour to report the results. We have six delegates. I’ve been on hold on the phone to call in the results for over an hour…
Martha MacCallum: Here’s another one… How about this one from Polk County. Precinct chairs are being advised to take pictures of the results and then text them over to the Polk County executive director. Who is then driving them to the headquarters according to a Democratic operative. (Laughter)
You really can’t make this up!

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